AMERICAN MUMMY sells out American premiere in Mexico City!

The AMERICAN MUMMY screening was sold out Friday night! Lotsa laughs during the screening (state-of-the-art cinema at the Cineteca Nacional) and the 3D was outasight! The Q & A (through translation by Edna Macabro Fich Campos) was fun. One question was “How did you expect to be received by a Mexican audience, since your movie deals with our Aztec culture?” My reply was that I didn’t know. “If you didn’t like it, I considered the possibility that you would have a special party for me on top of one of your pyramids,” which got a nice laugh (two, actually, after the translation). Thanks to the fantastic and enthusiastic Macabro XIII organizers and staff for making me feel so very welcome!




In case the splash screen goes by too fast, here again is the awesome poster designed by AMERICAN MUMMY co-screenwriter, producer, and ACTOR Greg Salman (Dr. Nikolai Antonovich Lobachevsky) for our 2014 Revelation Film Festival Audience Favorite!


AMERICAN MUMMY wins Audience Favorite award at Revelation Film Fest!

Whoo hoo! Such great news (we in fact TIED for Audience Favorite with UNDER THE SKIN, starring Scarlet Johansen) as we prepare for the Macabro screenings in Mexico City on August 22 and 29! Thanks again to the great people at Revelation Film Festival for the magnificent hospitality, and Luna Cinemas for the superlative 3D projection!!!