In case the splash screen goes by too fast, here again is the awesome poster designed by AMERICAN MUMMY co-screenwriter, producer, and ACTOR Greg Salman (Dr. Nikolai Antonovich Lobachevsky) for our 2014 Revelation Film Festival Audience Favorite!


AMERICAN MUMMY wins Audience Favorite award at Revelation Film Fest!

Whoo hoo! Such great news (we in fact TIED for Audience Favorite with UNDER THE SKIN, starring Scarlet Johansen) as we prepare for the Macabro screenings in Mexico City on August 22 and 29! Thanks again to the great people at Revelation Film Festival for the magnificent hospitality, and Luna Cinemas for the superlative 3D projection!!!


“An Aztec EVIL DEAD!”

World premiere of AMERICAN MUMMY last night, with the director, Charles Pinion, in attendance! (I think I pissed him off by comparing it to an “Aztec EVIL DEAD”, but it *did* have that vibe!) Brilliant little film and a fascinating, blood and guts soaked American take on the mummy movie, as an ancient Aztec demon is resurrected at an archaeological dig thanks to the efforts of a loopy South American worshipper and her alarmingly Bieber-like accomplice. Cue possessions, bisections, no cell phone receptions, and a whole lot of blood- including a well researched sequence which incorporates the (I think, Mayan?) practice of sacrificing blood using a string of human hair interwoven with sharp thorns and your very own tongue.

Brilliant, twisted little film, in excellent 3D as well. Only complaint- as usual, the women get their clothes out but the men stay completely clothed throughout. Although that did fit with the Eighties vibe it projected. Let’s hope the sequels are as good!

(Facebook post by Gavin Pitts, who was in attendance opening night!)


American Mummy: 4th of July World Premiere!!!

Jose (Rudy Marqez) is ready for action in AMERICAN MUMMY!

Jose (Rudy Marqez) is ready for action in AMERICAN MUMMY!

From the festival program: “Shot on 3D American Mummy plays as a classic indie horror movie… Pinion’s work has been praised by Frank Henenlotter (Basket Case) and there’s a certainly similar sensibility at play. American Mummy is Pinion’s first film in more than a decade and boasts everything you would expect: splattery gore, an ancient evil and off-beat spins on genre-convention.”

Dr. Lobachevsky encounters AMERICAN MUMMY's gelatinous mystery!

Dr. Lobachevsky (Greg Salman) encounters AMERICAN MUMMY’s gelatinous mystery! (With Suziey Block, Jenn June Ross, Aaron Burt and Erin Condry)

Phd. Candidate Becca gets more than she bargains for in AMERICAN MUMMY!

Phd. Candidate Becca (Jenn June Ross) gets more than she bargained for in AMERICAN MUMMY!