American Mummy has U.S. 3D premiere at Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival Nov. 5th!

“The film looked gorgeous… I honestly don’t think I’ve enjoyed 3D so much since I saw HOUSE OF WAX at a theater more than a decade ago.” — Gregory Lamberson of the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival!

AZTEC BLOOD, our years-in-the-making stereoscopic-cinema labor of love, seen as it’s meant to be seen, in Ultra3D!! Producer and co-writer Greg Salman, who also plays the movie’s Russian paleopathologist Dr. Lobachevsky, was in Buffalo to field questions after the show. 

Thanks to Sheri Fairchild for taking pictures of the Q & A, and to Jenn Rodman Brown for the positive feedback, and of course Gregory Lamberson and his crew for making this special event happen!

I’m so happy that the camera operator for AZTEC BLOOD, the irascible Steffan Hewitt (who I got to know very well during the grueling desert shoot) was able to see his work on a big screen with an audience! Steffan also designed the stereoscopic PoleCam rig that we shot 90% of the movie on. (

Here’s Greg Salman’s short interview after the screening. 

 Above: Greg’s Q & A. Below: AZTEC BLOOD camera operator Steffan Hewitt and Greg Salman. (Note AZTEC BLOOD in the digital marquee, upper left!)

This year AZTEC BLOOD has played at the Weekend of Fear in Erlangen, Germany; Dead in Decatur (IL); the Sydney Underground Film Festival, the Puerto Rico Horror Fest in San Juan; and the Zinema Zombie Fest in Bogotá, Colombia!

Exciting distribution news right around the corner!

- Charles Pinion, Nov. 10, 2015

AMERICAN MUMMY sells out American premiere in Mexico City!

The AMERICAN MUMMY screening was sold out Friday night! Lotsa laughs during the screening (state-of-the-art cinema at the Cineteca Nacional) and the 3D was outasight! The Q & A (through translation by Edna Macabro Fich Campos) was fun. One question was “How did you expect to be received by a Mexican audience, since your movie deals with our Aztec culture?” My reply was that I didn’t know. “If you didn’t like it, I considered the possibility that you would have a special party for me on top of one of your pyramids,” which got a nice laugh (two, actually, after the translation). Thanks to the fantastic and enthusiastic Macabro XIII organizers and staff for making me feel so very welcome!